On this page, we have tried to collect all the most frequently asked questions from our customers and answer them as accurately as possible. If you did not find your question, you can leave a comment below and we will answer it.


Emergency service and technical support is provided around the clock 365 days a year. 

If you have problems with the system, you can leave a request in the “Contact us” section, or write to [email protected] Our specialists will contact you and help you solve the problem. If it is not possible to fix the problem remotely, a service specialist will visit the site.

We supply and install parking and gate automation systems across all parts of British Columbia.

We have an extensive network of leading industry partners and service centers. We will be happy to help with the selection of equipment, provide professional installation and carry out further service and technical support for the facility in your area.




The cost of the system depends on the parking configuration, the amount of equipment required, the required functionality and customization. Request a technical and commercial proposal for your parking from our managers or fill out the request form. It is free.

BGD Contracting installs mechanized parking systems from leading manufacturers at dealer, factory prices. We work under direct contracts, we avoid contacts with intermediaries and unverified contractors.

In addition to the installation service, we provide design, sales, management, warranty and post-warranty service.

We fully control the quality of the systems we install and, if necessary, adapt them to individual customer requirements.


Maintenance of parkades is carried out by our team according to an agreed schedule, in accordance with the operating instructions and with the preservation of warranty obligations.

Chains, gearboxes are lubricated, drive systems, electrical contacts, all mechanical joints are checked for backlash. Found defects and malfunctions are eliminated. A seasonal oil change is carried out in hydraulic power units, replacement of other consumables, failed parts. The log contains a record of the work performed and identified problems, with recommendations for their prevention in the future. Parking system is tested under load.